Jan 21·edited Jan 21

I think there is a disconnect between perception of demand / value across roles and, relatedly, a conflation issue when it comes to talking about demand for research (or insights) and demand for researchers as the way to generate insights. Demand for insights is always high in self-reports but then the experience / perception of researchers is not only that demand for insights is low(er) but also the number of roles does not seem to align with reported demand. It's a classic people say that they want it but don't use it issue. In part that might be because insights can often be inconvenient or that demand is for a particular type of insights that doesn't always require a skilled researcher, or simple over-statement of interest. I think this is just one of several perception gaps - whether research is (too) slow or not, whether research teams are understaffed or not, whether the solution is teaching others to research or growing a dedicated team - but overall there seems to be a gap between reported demand and the revealed reality of demand.

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