Headshot of Lawton Pybus

I’m Lawton Pybus, author of The ¼” Hole and independent user research consultant and advisor.

Reach out today via [lawton at] or LinkedIn.


With over a decade of experience in human-computer interaction and user experience, my career has taken me through a variety of roles, from in-house positions on eCommerce and financial services teams to acting as a trusted consultant for both Fortune 500 giants and innovative startups.

My academic background in human factors psychology serves as the bedrock for my approach to industry research. But at the heart of my philosophy as a research leader is empowering fellow researchers to drive meaningful change within their organizations.

I’m dedicated to helping teams unearth actionable insights through the strategic application of research methodologies. If you're looking for a seasoned advisor to elevate your UX practice, let’s talk.

I’m available to help organizations and research teams:

  • Deliver insights by executing tactical and strategic user research, including discovery interviews, feature prioritization, usability testing, and benchmarking.

  • Scale and grow by reviewing and improving hiring practices 

  • Become more mature and effective as researchers by reviewing and improving current operations


Our collaboration will take one of three principal forms:

  • Advising

    We’ll discuss your team’s needs and opportunities, I’ll shadow your team and provide recommendations, and we’ll set up a series of check-ins to maintain the progress.

  • Training

    Designed for your team’s needs, I’ll lead a custom workshop to help your team lift roadblocks or uplevel their skills.

  • Research Services

    A custom project using one or more of a wide range of research methods designed specifically to suit your team’s goals.

Reach out today via [lawton at] or LinkedIn.